MKN stipulates 14 places where masks must be worn


MKN stipulates 14 places where masks must be worn

There is a popular saying recently-wearing a mask is not because you are afraid of the virus, but because you are afraid of being fined 1,000 yuan! Seeing such remarks, are you also alarmed by the mandatory mask-wearing directive that began in August? Besides, there is various news circulating in the market, which is very confusing. However, this time, with the instructions issued by MKN [Masjlis Keselamatan Negara Ministry of Defense], you will not go wrong as long as you follow them!

MKN stipulates 14 places where masks must be worn

According to the chart, the places where masks must be worn are:

  1. Mosque or prayer room
  2. Other non-Muslim religious sites
  3. Various social gatherings such as weddings, etc.
  4. Public transportation such as bus, light rail, subway, etc.
  5. zoo
  6. School bus, school bus
  7. Sports and leisure places
  8. Health institutions such as clinics, hospitals, etc.
  9. Open markets, farmers’ markets such as market, night market, etc.
  10. Cinemas and any live events such as exhibitions
  11. Retail industry such as various shops, laundry shops, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, garages and gas stations, etc.
  12. Barbershop and beauty salon
  13. SPA, hydrotherapy and wellness and foot massage center
  14. Family entertainment centers such as game centers, karaoke, etc.

At the same time, MKN also cleared up previous rumors such as wearing a mask in the car, so there is no need to wear a mask in the following situations:

  1. You don’t need to wear a mask in your car, whether you’re sharing a car with your family or friends who don’t live with you.
  2. When exercising [as long as it is not in the above 14 places]
  3. Children under 2 years old do not need to wear masks, but parents are not encouraged to bring children under 2 years old to and from public places

The above are the instructions issued by MKN. I hope that this will help everyone understand the latest instructions on wearing masks so as not to be fined! During the epidemic prevention period, everyone should pay more attention to safety and do not relax!

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